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Have you heard the story about the dog who sailed around the world?

Or maybe you’ve heard about the garden made of glass?

Or what about the man who started what is now the biggest aquarium in the world from unused sewage tanks?

Meet STQRY, an interactive mobile storyteller that fits right in the palm of your hand.

STQRY is a super-app that has multiple personalities!

  • Open the app and scroll through the list of nearby art & cultural attractions. Select a museum or zoo or science center or . . . click on the story to learn more, then get GPS directions to visit. STQRY is a searchable, cultural eco-system!
  • Once on site, continue to use the app to delve deeper into the fascinating stories around you with videos, audio, big beautiful pictures, and engaging stories.
  • Save an event to your calendar, take an interactive tour, travel to other sites via connected stories, interact with social media, and more.
  • An added plus: all text is automatically displayed in the language of your phone (up to 60 different languages!).

Join us on a journey of discovery and explore the amazing, the thought-provoking, and the just plain cool from organizations the world-over!

All of our stories can be found on our free, no-ads app available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 8, and the web.

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Additional Services
  • Additional Bandwidth – $0.20/GB
  • BLE Beacons - based on requirement
  • Signage and Plaque Printing - free quote
  • On-Boarding and Content Creation - free quote
  • We’re transforming interpretation into engaging conversations, igniting the stories that are the building blocks of our world’s most wondrous places.

    - Chris Smith, Founder and CEO of STQRY -

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