Mobile Engagement

STQRY is a mobile experience platform. We maintain mobile apps for iOS and Android Phone. The apps are available for free – and ad free – on their respective app stores. Visitor access to all three platforms is included in each organization’s annual subscription.

Multimedia Stories

Tell your stories to your visitors with text, images, audio, video through the STQRY app. Take visitors behind the scenes or show them what went into the making of a piece – your imagination’s the limit!

Content Creation

Our content management system couldn’t be easier to use: create stories in minutes by cutting and pasting, dragging and dropping – no code required! All changes are instantly updated on the mobile apps.

Interactive Explore Map

STQRY’s interactive explore map shows visitors what venues and stories are nearby, then provides turn-by-turn directions to them. Joining STQRY affirms your place in our global, cultural ecosystem of museums, zoos, art galleries, councils, parks, gardens, and more.

Contextual Storytelling

STQRY utilises the latest technologies help understand where a user is in a venue and deliver to them content relevant to their location. The right stories, to the right person, at the right time!

Live Analytics

Get real-time, any-time reports about your visitor interactions – from who is visiting and what content they are engaged with, to where they spend their time and how they navigate your venue

Social Engagement

The STQRY app includes social engagement features – options to solicit feedback directly from your visitors as they explore your venue. Collect either written or short audio clip responses to questions you pose during their journey.

Wayfinding (c.s.)

Use the STQRY app to provide turn-by-turn directions on an interactive map to their most anticipated exhibit so they don’t misstep, and help disabled visitors find the most efficient route so they don’t miss anything.

Revenue Generation (c.s.)

Provide extra, ‘premium’ content to your visitors for a separate fee. An audio or multimedia tour, a special exhibit or walking tour, exclusive content, or experiences – all managed directly in the app.